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Lose Weight; Get in Shape, & Feel Great in 2009 with Help from Cincinnati’s Leading Fitness Professionals – featured in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

Thank you for your interest in Cincinnati Ohio’s personal training team featured in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and recognized as one of the nation’s best by in fitness industry.

Please take a moment to learn how we can bring fitness, weight loss, and improved health to you in 2007. And while you’re here, please take a moment to read what your neighbors are saying about us. Thanks for visiting us on the web!


Well, for starters, do you know that…

  • …an incredible 96% of all weight loss attempts fail
  • …over 70% of Americans are now overweight
  • …almost 25% of us are now “clinically obese”
  • …and we gain back a heartbreaking 95% of the pounds we lose!

Do you find all of this as shocking—and as unacceptable—as we do? If so…


A Consumer Reports Magazine article titled “The Truth About Dieting” reported that people who were most successful at weight loss “did not involve themselves with Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, or any other organization.” Instead, the researchers found that…

“If any one thing made a difference for them, it was one-on-one counseling from a professional such as a psychologist, nutritionist or personal trainer…”
(June 2002 – p. 27)

This unbiased article reflects the experience of more than 8000 successful weight “losers”—real people living in the real world.

Having a personal trainer & coach will dramatically increase your chances for success, too, because most people find that they can do with a coach what they just couldn’t do on their own.

Which explains why…

  • Virtually all major sports figures use personal trainers to get and keep their “winning edge.”
  • Tens of thousands of corporate executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners use personal training experts to ensure their success.
  • And thousands of “just plain folks” use personal trainers on a regular basis to find better health & energy, improved fitness, much needed support in making wiser food choices, and to lose weight!

Simply put, the fastest way to get results is with professional help. A few months of personal training will propel you toward your goals and can save you years on your path to victory.

So if your health and fitness goals are really important to you, why go it alone when you don’t have to?


1. You Get Much Quicker Results – Working with a top qualified fitness trainer is your proven fast track to success. Your trainer’s expertise and targeted resources will get you to your goals at maximum speed—without becoming side tracked.

2. It’s Much More Effective And Efficient – You don’t waste your precious time, energy, and other resources doing what doesn’t work.

3. You Get Solid, Consistent, Unwavering Support - Your personal training team’s only goal is your total success.

4. You Join The Winners! – The widespread use of personal trainers by successful people in all walks of life is the strongest testament to the difference a good personal training team will make in your life.

5. You’re Way Ahead Of Those Who Try To “Go It Alone” – Many people will be “penny wise and pound foolish” by trying to do it all by themselves. As a result, the success that could quickly have been theirs may come slowly—or not at all. Why put yourself through that?


1. You Take More, Better, Smarter Actions – Working with a well qualified personal trainer helps you get clear about what you really want, as opposed to what someone else thinks you “should” want.

2. You Get Your Life In Balance – which is especially important because imbalances in the parts of you that are not visible (like your mind and spirit) sooner or later show up in your body—where they’re very visible!

3. You Learn To Prioritize Your Own Needs In A Very Healthy Way – You start to take the actions that get your wants and needs met, while still being totally true to yourself.

4. You Have Lots More Energy! – Working with the right personal training team helps you clear up a lot more than just fitness or weight loss issues. Getting rid of your inner barriers to success frees tremendous energy to improve every part of your life!

5. You’ll Work With The Personal Training Team that was featured in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. Brian Calkins and his training team guarantee to get your body, mind, and spirit all involved in your success process.


The key to getting maximum results in minimum time, and succeeding even as others fail all around you, lies in the powerful combination of (a) using proven principles and techniques, and (b) working with a top qualified and experienced personal training team.

If you’re serious about success and you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, we want to personally invite you to contact us. We can get to know you a bit, and you can learn more about our personal training team, and about how we can bring fitness & weight loss success to your life. We’ll create a set up that will fit your needs, desires and will be within your financial budget.


It really boils down to this: You can keep doing what most people do—and remain among the 96% who will keep failing to acheive results. Or you can start doing what’s been proven to work—and start losing your unwanted pounds safely, permanently, and without stress, struggle, drugs, pills, or diets.

Do you fix your own car? Re-roof your house? Represent yourself in court? Then why try to “do it yourself” with something so much more important: Your own health. Your own fitness. Your own life!

Are you ready for once and for all weight loss success?

Is it your time yet?

If you’re serious about weight loss success, having your own personal trainer is absolutely the surest way to get it. If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio vicinity, you have an opportunity to work with the Cincinnati personal training team that has been featured nationally in multiple media outlets.

Get the facts, and find out why so many people have used our approach to accomplish what they haven’t been able to do on their own.

If you’re ready for results, we’re 100% ready to help you get them. To get started, simply…click here to learn more about how we get started with clients.

But whatever you do, please don’t waste any more of your time, money, or emotional energy on fitness or weight loss “solutions” that never worked and never will.

Who deserves success more than you? How much longer will you wait? Haven’t you struggled enough?

You know, if our personal training clients could talk to you, each and every one of them would tell you—emphatically—that you deserve better than what you’ve been getting. Much better.

That’s what they would say.

What do you say?

Click here to read how to get started with the Cincinnati Personal Training program that’s was featured in the WALL STREET JOURNAL.

Brian Calkins, Gabe Hogue, Alicia Spencer, Linda Ruberg, Steve Gore, Leigh Smith, Annie Beck and Ryan Bul
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