The importance of having a personal trainer to achieve our goals

Playing sports is a vital activity and increases our general well-being. When we practice different events, we not only strengthen ourselves physically, also mentally. Also, it helps us improve our immune system, consequently increasing our mood.

However, many times we encounter problems such as lack of time or sufficient knowledge to conduct a training day correctly. This is where the personal trainers come in, professionals who are dedicated to advising you and guiding you to achieve your goal.

The history of the personal trainer is very recent and scattered because he was born in the postwar years. Its origin goes back to the United States, where experts Físic activity to decided to give a new perspective to training.

Thus, the teaching of a new training modality to public figures who needed more specific and personalized services began. These services were specialized and improved by the demand that existed between people with economic power and famous film, among other public figures.

The figure of the personal trainer was born in Santa Monica - California by the year 1947, thanks to Vic Tanny. He worked as a personal trainer professionally, in addition to studying the table of exercises and muscle groups.

Although at first people did not see it as something new and unique, shortly celebrities and wealthy people in business began to hire the services even in times of economic fatigue and after the Second  G Guerra M world, where exercise and physical activity had been relegated and set aside in the background. Now it's popular to have your own gym and do a downstairs remodel.

Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

The benefits of a personal trainer are very diverse, but above all, they focus on getting better training, more effective, individual, organized and prepared.

Less time and effort to get the results thanks to your trainer

The results with a coach are achieved in much shorter periods of time than with more traditional practices and methods. This is because the personal trainer sets a straightforward course, always looking to make the results working our muscle group, repetitions, exercises ... The personal trainer is our guide and is the one who gets you to do the practices correctly.