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Getting Started with Your Cincinnati Personal Training Team

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What Happens When You Get Started:

Step One: We begin with a health and fitness consultation where we thoroughly review your health history, learn about and discuss your needs, establish goals and set timelines, and then conduct a detailed health and fitness analysis (Click Here for Info on the Health & Fitness Analysis). During your first session we’ll also discuss and set up a schedule that fits your needs and desires.

Step Two: After your consultation and analysis, you’ll then join Brian Calkins in a small group for the 90 Minute Foundational Workshop – “Clearing Up the Myths, Sharing the Realities & Empowering You for Success” (more info, click here). After the workshop you’ll have a crystal clear understanding of your path toward optimal health, enchanced fitness and ideal body – you’ll be on your way with a newfound enthusiasm and motivation. After the workshop, you’re then given full access to the leading online nutritional software system that ensures you’re eating the right balance of nutrients for your specific goals (click here to view the demo).

The initial consultation, your health and fitness analysis, the nutrition workshop & nutrition software is $75 (normally $219). All subsequent personal training sessions range between $50 & $75 depending on your trainer’s rate (rate schedule is below). We offer a pay as you go plan – you are free to discontinue training at anytime.

Step Three: You’re now empowered for success and ready to begin working with your personal trainer to begin moving toward your health, fitness and weight loss goals.

The start up process, although thorough & detailed, is quick and easy – We’ll get you started as soon as you’re ready!

How Much for Personal Training

  • Individual 1-on-1 Perssonal Training: $50
  • Partner Personal Training: $60

*NOTE: The HealthStyle Fitness Trainers all work together as a team to bring clients the highest level of achievable results.

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“I’ve worked with Brian Calkins & his team for several years and really enjoy their style of fitness training.  They provide an excellent balance of fitness knowledge with a relaxed and enjoyable training atmosphere.

Brian’s team pays careful attention to individual needs and fitness goals. Under their direction I’m motivated to push myself a little harder and am always surprised when our time is up!  I’m impressed by the thoroughness of Brian’s recently completed book “Burn Body Fat the Right Way.”

In selecting Brian & his team as my fitness trainers, my husband and I have found an engaging and enthusiastic partners in fitness – we’re having the time of our lives!”

-Dr. Claudia E. Harsh, M.D. – Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine – Cincinnati, Ohio

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